Opus X Lost City (Toro) Review

As I’ve mentioned before in my reviews, I am a huge A. Fuente fan. No, no I am a massive A. Fuente fan. Without a doubt, the guys from Chateau De La Fuente make some of the best, most consistently excellent cigars on the market today. So when the name Fuente is said around Smoke Inn PSL, my ears perk up. Well, Friday evening at one of the many events the shop puts regularly, Manager Matt (DJ Mattie Ice is his new nickname, so if I refer to him that way, you all know who I’m talking about) walks up to me and hands me a box and the first thing I see is a big ass Opus X logo. Just to let everyone know, Opies (yes, that’s what I call them.) are my absolute favorite single line of cigars and just the sight of them sends me to my happy place. So when Matt hands me the box, I had to give the box a hug, that’s how happy I was, because we don’t get Opus’ nearly enough around out parts (hint Abe). But upon further inspection of the box, I found that these weren’t just regular Opus X’s but the extra special, extra limited Opus X Lost City cigars. To give you an idea of how limited these cigars are, only 5,700 were made for retail shops, 1200 of which were toros (the one I smoked). Therefore, after hugging the box, Matt pried the box from my hands saying “You realize those are $30 a stick, right?”

I said something to the effect of “I don’t care, It’s an Opie. It’s required by Opus law that I buy, smoke and review that beautiful masterpiece of a cigar.” Ok, I’m embellishing, but I was that excited because I had only heard about these cigars in the industry magazines, let alone actually seen one. So Monday rolls around and I purchase the Opus X Lost City Toro and noticed two things immediately: It’s bigger than your run of the mill toro, and it is heavier. To build even more anticipation I decided to let this Dominican Puro hibernate overnight in my humidor before smoking.

Fast Forward 24 hours: I’m at the shop, Opus X Lost City in my and silver Xikar lighter (pimp lighter by the way. All serious cigar smokers should invest in one) in hand. I toast the end as usual and light up the gorgeous smoke and receive a first draw of pure unadulterated bliss. But unlike a regular Opie, which starts out with a mellow sweet and spicy complexity, the Lost City is heavy on the sweet and spicy flavors in the beginning, which actually is consistent throughout the first half of the cigar. At the half way point, the Lost City mellows out to a complex sweet/spicy flavor that is still very strong. The draw in the beginning is suspect, but this is common among most Opus’ and smoothed out towards the end of the first third. The burn wasn’t great towards the end but that was my fault for taking the band off too soon.

So here’s the million dollar question: Is the Opus X Lost City worth the $30 price tag? I debated on this for a while and have come to the conclusion that yes it is and here’s why. First of all, it’s not a cigar you’re going to get your hands on every day – only 5700 boxes were made and this is the first time I have ever seen one, and I’ve been around cigars for a fair bit now. Next, it’s one of those cigars you have to try at least once, especially if you’re a Fuente/Opus X fanatic. Finally and simply it is, like all Opus X’s, an awesome, fantastic smoke that if my budget right now could afford, I’d buy more of. So if you have the money to spend and want an excellent cigar by every definition of the word, by all means get an Opus X Lost City.

In other news, my next review was going to be on the La Flor Dominicana Digger, but my good friend Bill Santos, AKA the Director of Culinary Affairs, beat me to the punch. I could rain accolades down on this fantastic smoke but it would be repeating much of what Chef Bill already said, so if LFD is up your alley, check out his excellent review on this 8 ½ x 60 monster. Also the Smoke Inn, PSL Cabinet is still holding Friday evening meetings, to which all local and visiting readers are more than welcome to come and smoke, drink and play a round of dominoes with us. It’s always a fun time. So long from the Mayor’s office and happy smoking.

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