About The Gar Shop

About “The Mayor”

I’m the Mayor, that’s all you need to know!

Just kidding, to my friends my name is Dak and I’m a lifelong resident of South Florida. I grew up and still live in the town of Fort Pierce, where I was a two sport athlete at Fort Pierce Central High School. The summers of my youth were spent traveling the northeast with my dad and grandfather or romping around my grandmother’s ranch in Central Idaho where I received my appreciation of fly fishing, bison burgers and the “Big Sky Country”. As I entered my twenties I rekindled with my first love, Las Vegas, to which I am a regular visitor and also my second love, cigars. I never smoked a cigar until I went on a trip to the Bahamas with some friends and smoked a Cuban Monte Cristo #2 – marvelous smoke! I then found the wide array of smokes from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras. I find that to take cigar smoking seriously, it can’t be simply be a habit or a passing hobby but a full-fledged lifestyle. Now I find myself the so-called “Mayor of Smoke Inn, Port St. Lucie” and a budding cigar blogger. A saying that I heard somewhere (or might have made up) sums it up: “To life’s haves, its have not’s and a good cigar!”.

Happy Smoking my friends!

The Mayor

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